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Pet's Name: Dasher
Pet's Chip/Tag: 4979687F56___Blue_Collar_...
Reported Lost: 2010-01-10
Owner's Name: Anna Campbell
Email Owner:
Owner's Phone: 559.213.4305
Owner's Address: Fresno, CA
Owner's Zipcode: 93706
Pet's Comments:
Our young son's sweet, friendly little dog Dasher disappeared last Sunday, January 3. He is microchipped and was wearing a blue collar with his name and our phone number on it. He may be some sort of terrier mix, but we're not exactly sure. He is reddish brown with a white patch on his chest. He looks a bit like a small reindeer, which is why our son named him Dasher. He is so very missed, and our little guy is SO sad without him :( We are offering a REWARD for his return. Please call me at 559.213.4305 if you have any information. Thank you very much!

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