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Pet's Name: Osos
Pet's Chip/Tag: Santa_Barbara_County
Reported Lost: 2009-10-20
Owner's Name: Ricardo Santiago
Email Owner:
Owner's Phone: 9512136625
Owner's Address: 5880 lochmoor dr #90
Owner's Zipcode: 92507
Pet's Comments:
I found this great dog approximately two days ago. HHe's awesome to say the least. I can't believe someosomeone would purposely abandon him hence why I have decdecided to post this ad. We are taking good care of hihim feeding him and taking him for walks. He even nownow protects our apt from the UPS man. Apparently the oowner's name is Robert Britt from Pismo Beach, CA. TThe veterinary clinic states that the dog is 5 yearsyears old and unnutered. They also mentioned that they ddon't have any valid contact info for Robert Britt. IIf you know who this great dog belongs to please emaemail me:

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